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The labour market will continue to change over time. Are you finding yourself at a stage in your life or in your career where you are needing to take that next step? Are you facing retrenchment, or are you no longer identifying with a specific role or company?

Positioning yourself for a new job opportunity can be overwhelming and time consuming. We have an extensive network of top employers, with recruitment consultants that are experts at introducing new talent to them. We understand the desire and more often the need to change where you are at and want to assist you to #shiftintohighcareer.

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What to expect from us as your agent


If you do not have a current CV, we can help. We endeavor to provide you with the fastest possible feedback on your application to us and any introduction we make on your behalf. Expect honest, objective feedback from us during the entire application process.


Our service to you is free of charge. We receive the latest jobs from all the top automotive brands and act on behalf of our network of employers. Your application is carefully screened and matched to potential jobs, based on qualifying criteria dictated by each employer.


We make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. You will know what to expect and how to best present yourself. We manage all feedback.


We assist with salary negotiations, pinning down the details and supporting you during the notice period and transition process.

Your confidence

We are a registered private employment agency with the Department of Labour, with memberships and accreditations to various industry bodies. We are obligated to act with your best interests at heart. We are also a preferred agent, when it comes to introducing talent across our employer network.


We pursue placements that last. Introductions are always based on information provided to us as agents throughout the entire process, by both the employer and employee. We will keep in touch to ensure that everything is going smoothly for you.